When, in late December of 2012, I decided that 2013 would by my year of thinking more consciously about creativity in all its many forms; how it inspires us and drives us onwards, I was not really expecting to wind up in a three-man tent (which doubles as a portable dark room), in a campsite […]

Unsurprisingly for anyone who knows my husband, it’s been a rather collodion sort Christmas for us this year. Among other innovations, the photographer has moved from clear to black glass, with some rather striking results when compared to early images. Here are two shots taken of me, one with ‘normal’ make up on, and one […]

There were literally teams of photographers here last weekend for the Big First Shoot with the wet plate camera. They have documented the whole process far better than I could possibly hope to with my measly iPhone. I’ll post links to their blogs when these appear. But in the meantime, here are some results which […]

As I type this, my husband is standing in a doorway, waiting for the rain to stop so his first wet plate shoot can start. Being married to a photographer, I am well used to things going missing from the house without warning. Recently I went to turn on the World At One and it […]