When, in late December of 2012, I decided that 2013 would by my year of thinking more consciously about creativity in all its many forms; how it inspires us and drives us onwards, I was not really expecting to wind up in a three-man tent (which doubles as a portable dark room), in a campsite I’d never heard of in the Netherlands, watching a Slovenian photographer I’d never met before, make a negative collodion wet plate of a man he, and many like him around the world, call ‘the Head Bastard’.   But today, for once, all those years of making New Year’s Resolutions finally paid off.
The Slovenian photographer in question is none other than internationally renowned Borut Peterlin, and the head shot of the ‘Bastard’ he was making a negative of belongs to the American photographer Gerald Figal, who has a rapidly growing global following of his own.  The reason these two jokingly refer to each other as bastards is because, on the side, they practice photographic techniques of their own making, which many consider to be of ‘questionable parentage’.  (You can read more about this in Gerald’s own words here.)
Part of my own adventures in creativity have stretched to a sudden impulsive decision to start videoing various aspects of my life just to see what happens.  So here, without further ado, is my YouTube debut, with heartfelt thanks to Borut Peterlin, Gerald Figal, and as ever, Gordon Fraser.  A nicer bunch of bastards no one could ever wish to meet.

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  1. Dear Melanie,

    It was so nice to meet all of you last weekend at ECW.
    Your youtube debut is great!

    Marc (the one with his little daughter)

    • Thanks so much, Marc. It was lovely to meet you, and your daughter, who was adorable (I should have filmed her!). I remember you saying you had made your first plate the day before, and so that gives you one whole year to be ready to take part in the next ECW. I’ll look forward to seeing you there, and filming the story of your progress. Until then, maybe we’ll see each other at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/collodionbastards/ They are a very friendly (and endlessly useful) bunch, despite the name! Best, Melanie


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