Unsurprisingly for anyone who knows my husband, it’s been a rather collodion sort Christmas for us this year. Among other innovations, the photographer has moved from clear to black glass, with some rather striking results when compared to early images. Here are two shots taken of me, one with ‘normal’ make up on, and one with a layer of SPF20 moisturiser under the lipstick to make it seem darker. It’s actually a bright red (Exquisite Cherry by Terry) although it comes out more Bride of Dracula thanks to the wet plate process.

I’m thinking of using one of these as my avatar on Twitter. But which one should I go for?

Image 3 OR Image

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  1. I love these black glass plates, Melanie, especially the “Bride of Dracula” look! Your current Twitter avatar is pretty hard to beat though…

    • Thanks, Elizabeth! You’re the only one who has expressed a view, so I might just need to stick with the ‘Old’ me for a bit longer…I think you’ll be amazed to see the difference the black glass makes during the dark room process as well. You can see results straight away, and then they reverse out in front of your eyes. Very, very cool. More and more equipment arrives by the hour it seems. Today there will be an Ikea excursion. For Tupperware, of all things. I wait three centuries, and finally he is *interested* in Tupperware!


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