Two random thoughts collided today to result in a revelation which I hope may bring you some fleeting joy.

Having never read any JK Rowling, I decided it was high time I took a look at The Casual Vacancy. This was how I discovered that, not only has the stupendously wonderful Tom Hollander done the talking book version, but Audible Books have a special offer on.

If you’ve never been to Audible’s website, it’s worth knowing you can hear small snippets of the readings to help you choose. This is a crucial piece of information. You should hold it close and never let it go. Because armed only with this, you can go to their site, and click to hear a very short reading of Fifty Shades of Grey.

I’m sure, that like me, you’ve lost count of the number of times you’ve heard that this book is truly terrible, but I promise you that this little snippet of someone reading of this book is deeply wonderful. Being unfamiliar with the work of American artiste Becca Battoe, I was quite unprepared for the startling alignment of form and content which is unleashed as she wraps her voice around E L James’s prose.

Sadly, I’m too busy to sit and listen to all nineteen hours and fifty-two minutes of this. But I’ve already listened to the sample again. And again, and again. In fact, it’s the sort of thing I can imagine myself still revisiting years from now.

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  1. You have left me all hot and bothered and frustrated.
    I eagerly went to this website…only to discover you have to join it and pay £3.99 for a month’s membership…presumably after that you can gain access to the clips? Bugger! No pun intended.

    • I don’t think you have to join to listen. Just click on the link marked ‘Bestsellers’ up in the top and you’ll be able to just listen. Although, the idea of leaving people hot and bothered and willing to spend £4 for satisfaction does seem a rather better reaction than I normally get on this blog. Always nice to feel one is making some level of progress.


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